The Phishing Threat

The weakest security link in every organization is the human being.

Workers in companies are targeted with increasing frequency by bad actors around the world. Iran, North Korea, Russia and China are all targeting western companies and government agencies. Increasingly, they target people within an organization to gain access to their computer networks.

An array of hacker entrepreneurs have also sprung up around the world, including organized crime syndicates and terrorist organization such as ISIS – using Ransomware as a funding mechanism.

If a single user clicks on an email link containing Ransomware, an entire organization could be shut down as all files are encrypted. The hacker will then extort money from the victim, promising to unlock the files. Once paid, files are not always unlocked and there are variants of this malware which delete a certain number of files at predefined intervals, until the ransom is paid. Other variants such as NotPetya, delete all the files on the network and have been responsible for over $10 billion of losses to corporations.

Phishing is also used as a mechanism to break into corporate email boxes. Once inside, malicious users monitor the company’s inner workings. They are then able to send emails acting as an employee, which can be used to direct wire transfers. This technique is used to not only fool people within the target company but also their customers.

At the right moment, when wire information is to be sent from company to customer, the hacker crafts an email with their own wire instructions and the unsuspecting customer sends money to the hacker’s account instead of the company.

This has led to lawsuits regarding who is liable to replace the lost funds.

Technology can help reduce phishing attempts but it can't stop them. Hackers can always find a way to send messages to workers thanks to BYOD devices, remote working and an increased number of vectors such as social networks and corporate messaging tools.

Companies must focus on the weakest security link in every organization, the human being.


"Companies must focus on the weakest security link in every organization, the human being."

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AI-based Hammerhead Targeting Engine™ -based Phishing

IT Services

Apex matches your needs with our expertise, tools and methodologies to streamline the management of your computer and telecom systems, servers, networks, and peripherals. You select the right flexible service plans that allow you to purchase only the services you need.


Our team of experts can assist and answer questions about your IT or cybersecurity future. From cloud computing, the future of work, IoT, CRM, accounting and financial software, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Penetration Testing

Pen tests show if systems can easily be reached and breached. Annual or more frequent outside pen testing is optimal and often mandated by compliance organizations.

Auditing and Documentation

This service must be performed regularly to ensure systems are secure. Our expert team often finds security holes and issues which can create tremendous liability for your organization. We can further assist in implementation solutions which meet your needs.

Cybersecurity Training

As humans are the weakest security link, training should be performed every six months. It should ideally be live and interactive. Our training services are highly regarded and effective.

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Why Phish360?

We are confident you will try it, love it and want to use it to protect your organization.

The Phish360 Anti-Phishing Behavior Management (APBM) system was founded by a team of experts in cybersecurity managing a top-rated managed service provider (MSP) managing thousands of user's IT needs. Over the years, we have witnessed the pitfalls workers have fallen for, firsthand. This aggregate knowledge has been used to help many of our clients through in-depth and comprehensive cybersecurity training and advisory services.

Customers asked us to take the best practices we have learned and put them into a self-service tool they can use to reduce phishing attacks.

This is how PHISH360™ was born; to take the expert knowledge of an award winning cybersecurity company and bring it to companies around the world.

We are proud to be a freemium service. Anyone can try it and see how well it works. We do not lock you into an ongoing financial agreement to use our service. We don’t even require billing information such as a credit card.

We are confident you will try it, love it and want to use it to protect your organization.

We are a self-funded organization. We are not part of a big conglomerate whose goal is to make the most money providing the least amount of service. We don't nickel-and-dime our customers.

We provide a quality service at a price every organization can afford… Starting at FREE, what could be better than that?

Why Phish360?

We are truly better

We may start at free but we are not cheap. We are the only company to use a Proprietary AI-based Hammerhead Targeting Engine™ or (HTE™).

This means the HTETM system will be most productive for your team as it has a higher likelihood of achieving user-clicks. In fact, it is only when users click that they can learn what not to do.

Every organization benefits when users make their mistakes on a phishing simulator like PHISH360, instead of a malicious message. In fact, quite often, real phishing messages, when clicked, do not even divulge they are malicious, meaning the user never has the opportunity to learn.

Why Phish360?

Phish360 Features

All customers get complete access to the full Phish360 suite of benefits. This includes our free users (subject to change).

We are constantly adding new features and would love your suggestions.

  • Telephone support
  • Unlimited phishing tests
  • Security tips
  • Security training
  • Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Grouping
  • Campaign management
  • Superior targeting
  • Growing list of templates

Try Free

We have the most sophisticated service on the market and it is free to start. There are no lengthy approvals – any company can use it to improve their corporate cybersecurity. (Resellers please contact us if you have interest in reselling our solutions)

  • Free customers also get access to all of our templates and IP addresses.
  • You also get reporting and our continual improvements.
  • Phish360 is a freemium solution which means it’s free to try.
  • Please check our pricing page for more information.
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About Us

PHISH 360 is an offering of Apex Technology Services, the leading provider of Managed & Cybersecurity Services to the asset management industry (Hedge funds, Broker Dealers, Private Equity), Law firms, and other general markets like Media, Government, Healthcare and Education.

Apex is a Top 10 Network Security Solution Provider.

We are a privately held firm of technology and business professionals serving clients across the United States, Europe and Asia, ranging from Fortune 200 firms to boutique financial companies. Our team has decades of experience supporting even the most challenging environments and providing quality, timely and professional IT services.

In this age of cybercrime, ransomware and phishing attacks, Apex Technology Services has a respected cybersecurity division focused on training and prevention of attacks on your network.

Apex Technology Services is based in Norwalk, CT and we service Fairfield County, CT, Westchester County NY, and New York City.

NY Location

Apex Technology Services 
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Email: Apex Sales

CT Location

Apex Technology Services 
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Our Team

Rich Tehrani

Larry (Lorant) Szebeni

Michael Genaro
Managing Partner

David Rodriguez
Managing Partner

Robert Hashemian
VP of Development

Justin Verrastro
Technical Operations Manager

Chhityz Thapa
Senior Web Designer, Web Projects


AI-based Hammerhead Targeting Engine™ based Phishing pricing below:
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In addition, we offer a full suite of cybersecurity services:

  • Consulting
  • Penetration testing
  • Auditing and documentation
  • Cybersecurity training

Please inquire for details.

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